cbb hq baits booster juice

Booster Juice

Booster Juice is a syrupy fluid that has a multifunctional use and that is available in a variety of flavours. You can use this fluid to soak or boost our Elite Range pellets particles, boilies, ground feed et cetera. This fluid is also PVA safe!

Booster Juice has a heavy specific gravity and will immediately attach itself to the bottom; within half an hour a vertical signal will be sent. This product has turned out to be an excellent extra soaking for boilies and especially in the world of competitive angling Booster Juice has proven to be a great hit.

For anglers that target carp and similar fishes, Booster Juice is a super product for casters and to be mixed in with ground feed. A great feature of this product is that it is impossible to overdose it, as this fluid will be entirely dissolved in water after two hours.

Recommended amount of Booster Juice for casters: 5ml for 500ml casters
Recommended amount of Booster Juice for ground feed: 50ml for 1kg dry feed

You will surely notice the difference!

2 - 4 days

CBB HQ Baits Booster Juice - 250 ml

Available flavours: Maple Dream, Spicy Peach, Red Mystery, Garlic Robin Red, Green Squid, Extreme Pineapple, Supercarp, Shellfish Krill, Toffee, Squid Garlic Robin Red and Scopex.