miniboilies 10mm

Mini boilies

These Mini Boilies are a new product in our product line and they are perfect for use in feeder fishery and even in the modern carp fishery. By adding a special ingredient, the falling apart of these mini baits was brought to an absolute minimum, even when you use a large boilie needle or when you attach it to a hair (provided that it is made from braid).

These mini boilies contain a generous dose flavour and really stands out. Feeder and Match anglers, pay attention!

You should definitely give this product a try! Even in the world of modern, contemporary carp fishing, this product may break through the traditional teachings and is undoubtedly worth a try.

2 - 4 days

CBB HQ Baits - Mini Boilies - 10 mm - 150 grams

Available in: Maple Dream, Pineapple, Red Mystery, Garlic Robin Red, Toffee, Tutti Frutti and Shellfish Krill